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This website qualifies as a Service Provider under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and therefore enjoys legal protection against claims of copyright infringement under the safe harbor provisions. The site complies with the DMCA and has established a Notice and Takedown Policy to address claims of copyright infringement by its customers, subscribers, or users. To report a claim of copyright infringement, the owner of the copyrighted work must provide the designated Copyright Agent with the following information: their contact details, a description of the copyrighted work, and the location of the material on the site. Additionally, they must provide a statement affirming that they believe the use of their work was not authorized and that the information in their notice is accurate. The site also has a Take Down Procedure in place, which allows it to remove any material that infringes on someone else's copyright, based on the information provided by the complainant. If a user believes their material was wrongly removed, they can submit a counter-notification to dispute the removal. The counter-notification must provide specific information about the material that was removed and an explanation of why the removal was erroneous. The site reserves the right to modify or add to its policies.

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